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Korean movie quotes: Obsessed 2014

Obsessed 2014

Korean movie quotes

SHE: I can't sleep or even breathe. It's so painful. It feels as though ... as though my life has been a waste.

HE: I can't live without you. I can't sleep. I can't eat and ... I can't breathe. It's so suffocating I can't live.

 ... everybody's brave when you're about to fuckin' die.

Excessive humility is arrogance.

Beer tastes best in the summer.

A man is bound to get beaten outside his home.

- By the way, the housewives ... why dance on a Monday morning?
- Monday ... because it's a Monday morning. Monday is a new beginning for everybody. Husbands go to work, children to school. But think of the housewives. Monday is just another day for them. They feel lonely and abandoned. That's when they go to the beauty salon. They do their hair, dress up and gather here. And ... they dance. It's the waltz. They forget everything. They submit themselves to the men's lead. And flow to the music. Their body will sweat and become hot. Alcohol and a touch from a stranger make them go crazy. On a lonely Monday morning, she comes here for herself. Only for herself!

Peaches are good for smokers.

- What's your hobby?
- Not having one is my hobby.

Misery loves company.

And the most important thing is love. Without it, it's not a dance. You're not giving me love. ... What do I always say? You improve most when practicing by yourself.

Question: In 1969, suits had 4 buttons on the sleeve?
Feels good to be complimented.

- I think you like someone. I can see it as a dance teacher. If not, I apologize.
- Does it show?
- How can it not show? Your body is full of life.

It's not a sin to like someone.

A mentally ill person can't command a troop.

My father told me as a child ‘never to bring your work stuff home because it made you look very shabby.’

‘My voice cracks if I speak louder. And I'll look like a fool to my subordinates.’

If you were going to dump me like this why did you make me want you?

There's a Japanese saying that you can find no fault below the belt. A man can make mistakes.

I can't imagine having a man die for me. Do you think you would follow a man like that?

SHE: Let me write my name here. Don't forget me 'til you die. Promise?
HE: I'll never forget.