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Star's lover quotes

Korean drama Star's lover aka Celebrity's sweetheart/ Celebrity lover 2008 quotes

Ep 1The beginning: 'Love', an incredible concept that has existed since the beginning of time. The commonest but the greatest of all sentiments. From now on, we will be talking of this 'love'. In the beginning, the world consists only of earth and sea. The children that were borne of the sea live happily together. Then, those who were stuck by Cupid's arrows from the heavens will fall in love. Cupid's arrow would never pass by and waver to them from their fates. However, the world began to change and 'Love' changes as well. There are some people who don't recognize each other, even though there were stuck by Cupid's arrows. There are some children who are left behind. They can't be together. And in the end, were separated. Let us first examine the unhappy life of a boy, from among those who were separated. Always worrying, afraid that mom will leave him. He thought that if he was a good child, he would not be separated from her side. But in the end, that fateful day arrived and could not be changed. Just like that, his mom left him. The boy knew that no matter what, he couldn’t cross the line. The boy read books as he waited for his mom. However, his mom did not return even after he finished reading the books. In order to live with his mother, the boy wanted to learn how to cross the line. He kept reading, reading and reading again. In the end, the boy grew up to be a deep-rooted [= became very knowledgeable] clump of weed. What do you think happened to the happy girl who was at the beach? Though she was a beloved child, misfortune also fell and entered her life. The girl was unloved from then on. At that moment, the girl realized that receiving love from other people will make like enjoyable. The girl learned how to gain people's love and hungered to receive more love. The girl seized an opportunity at the end. The girl finally became a star in the heavens. A boy who became a clump of weed and a girl who became a star in the heavens, two persons, living at two ends of the world, will they have the opportunity to be able to recognize each other?    
Ghostwriting is a frequently used topic in literature in drama plots due to its dramatic nature.   
If you think you like me, could it be just an illusion? [the situation where a female college student likes her teacher] The sort of phenomenon that often happens with authority figures?
Everyone meet others because of some merit. Studying hard and working hard to earn money are all part of winning this merit game.
I don't know enough about her to like her.
As expected, a star's existence is just like a dream.
I heard that there's a question you would ask a man you're interested in. [a male reporter to Lee Ma Ri] / She: Oh, that. It's a sort of psychological test. 'If you must go to a jungle, which animal will you bring along? Monkey, Horse, Lion and Sheep. Which of these would you choose?' Monkey represents money. Horse represents looks. Lion represents reputation. Sheep represents Love. It's a test for what a person values most in his life. I like a man who values love, who chooses the sheep. Another question: She: When you're choosing 100 roses, what is the ratio of the reds and the whites? Red roses represent how much you want to be loved. White roses, on the other hand, represent how much you want to love someone. I would choose 99 white roses and 1 red rose. I want to love 99 percent of the time and be the only one in my partner's heart. It means that. / Do you happen to have conditions that the person you like must have? / She: Conditions for the person that I like? I just want a man who can stay by my side as long as he doesn't disappear all of sudden./ Him: It was childish. Using red roses and white roses to divide the nature of love … Using lion, horse, sheep, these animals to judge a person's view of life … Do you really believe in these? … Developing psychological test … Believing in destiny … Those sorts of things … There's only for those who feel insecure and frightened, who don't want to accept the fact there're alone, who console themselves by believing in destiny to relieve their loneliness. Be thinking that way, people don't come to their senses even after losing loved ones and hold on to the belief that destiny will bring someone who will stay by their side.
She: What do you know about me? / He; Nothing. I only know that being you must be tiring. Why don't you take things lightly? How can you meet someone if you take everything so seriously... / She: That's right. That's why they all left. / He: I'm saying … Since you're a star, you must face everything that you have to endure with equanimity?/ She: As a ghostwriter, you should be a preacher. … He: If living your life is this tiring, no one will stay by your side. If you sincerely want to be with someone … / She: It's fine. I don't need sincerity. Since I'm an actress, I can imitate everything, even sincerity. Laughter, Tears, Happiness … I can just imitate them all. Be in love or separation … I can fake everything. Should I prove it? [she's kissing him]
Ep 2 – … accepting responsibilities that easy … isn't a good habit, huh?

Ep 3 – All things beautiful will one day inevitably disappear.
People travel to fulfill fantasies. People have a particular place to fulfill their fantasies.
There was a lone 'The place reminds me of my hometown because of a particular smell' in 'Wuthering Heights' [K drama]
Aren't we each other's secret?
Do you have one? A love that's like a dream?
What Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky said about a person's inner feelings, 'within everyone's heart, there is an abyss.'

Use of citations is not pretentious; it's done to deliver a specific emotional impact to the readers. It's to evoke a reader's experience, feelings and memories. It's for this purpose.
He: I'm not good with apologies. Because I try to conduct myself in a way that minimizes the chances of having to apologize. I don't argue either because it's not a matter of life or death. She: You're being pretentious even when you're apologizing.
Standing in the mist of the candles, if you close your eyes and count to five …you'll see your destiny.

Ep 4 – The beginning: A strange place, strange people and the lightness of feeling like a lone onlooker. The sense of a new world, the new perspective that is offered. Between what has passed and what is to come, is a thin, but strong and happy boundary. It may be that the human who can't change time, can find the most freedom. In that moment, he experiences a change of space. Therefore, traveling may be the way to live the longest life. An occasionally, within that extended boundary of life, amidst the memories of days gone by and the possibilities of the future, a person may meet his new destiny. I'm speaking of a deep and strong special encounter.    
She: I helped him to regain the courage to love again.
If you like someone, you have to sacrifice all the little things, like the feeling you're never thought about, who you should like. Think about them. In this world, there are many words that are meaningless to hear and meaningless things are done.
Culture is not a mathematics problem.

Ep 5 – If he's just like his dad, love will be just a verb.
My mom told me before that … girls are all stars … and they're angels. So we must give them pretty things.

Ep 6 – Reading at places that you like, reading whenever you like and reading the things that you like. That's how you enjoy reading books.
Jane Austin: There is knowledge about human nature within the books. There are description of wonderful life, full of humor and always some talent in it.   
She: A meaningless Christmas … just spend the day with a meaningless reason.
He: What do you think is most important in a marriage? / She: Money, if there's money, there wouldn't be any issues in a couple other than issues about their feelings for each other. 

Ep 7 – I'm a person who nurtures celebrities, not a dog.
Having a mother doesn't mean that all problems are solved. Being abandoned by your parents on purpose … Sometimes, it's worse than losing your parents due to accidents.
Do you have any idea how it's like to live a fake life? [an actress's life]
A good book is after all a good book no matter who wrote it.
One should live doing what one could do.
Nothing is true in this business [show business]. Just fake rumors, that matters. Anything that is published, it becomes true just like that.

Ep 8 – Is it because you have to help or is it because you want to help?
A problem is after all a problem. We should still celebrate what we need to celebrate.
What kind of brothers are 'The Brothers Karamazov'? A son who killed his dad, one who attempted to kill his dad and one who clung tenaciously to his dad.

Ep 9 – She's only known for her scandals and she's more of a celebrity than a real actress.

Ep 10 – People should only do as much as they can handle.

Ep 11 – Actress always want love and attention. There're selfish.

Ep 12 – Everyone his having a hard time. Only those who behave responsibly regardless of hardship are successful people.

Ep 13 – Money doesn't resolve everything.
You shouldn't mix business with personal matters; otherwise it will lead to chaos.

Ep 15 – I strive for truth, credibility and originality.
He: I realized the great difference between our lives and the values that have sustained us. I was learning how to cross lines and how to become real. When my heart was aching … when my eyes were filled with tears … when I was filled with painful sorrow … as I was living each day of my life, I knew who I was truly in love with. 

Ep 16 – After all, one doesn't necessarily write a book to become famous or successful. / Can't books be written to become famous or successful?
Teachers, doctors, managers, do you know what their common point is? They absolutely cannot cross a certain line: teachers and students, doctors and patients, managers and celebrities.   
They won't have to be in a relationship surrounded by external pressures.  

Ep 17 – Men who do business need a woman to look after them. A lot of people consider single men incompetent.
I think when the situation changes, feelings change, too. 

Ep 18 – There's a reason why people break up. Once you're betrayed, it's hard to trust that person again no matter how much time has passed. You can't make the impossible possible.
That's wasn't love. If it had been love, it would never ended like that. You think you left each other because you loved each other? No way. You just broke up because you couldn't handle it anymore. You couldn't handle being together anymore. … Enjoying each others company … caring for each other … being accepted by others as a good match … that's love!
It's illegal to become violent over an article that's been published based on a direct interview.
As a literary critic, I have a piece of advice for you as a writer. Whatever it is that affects you, will you take advantage of that ponder why your heartbreaking love stories are so bitter and objective?
I realized that doctors work with the most unfortunate people in the world.
He: So, what's your dream guy? / She: A man who plays piano. / He: I can't play the piano. Do I have to learn?
You're a celebrity and you're a guy, so it doesn't matter if you date someone and break up. But I'm different. I don't want to be in a relationship with a sad ending. [a woman to a man]
Lee Ma Ri was never been an actress. She's a celebrity [star]. She's someone who portrays an image the public wants to see.
Love isn't leaving the person you love for that person's sake. Love is standing by the person you love! So we should be faithful to the person who's standing by our side!
… This is my revenge. It's my present as well.
He: In this world, there are people whose hearts are broken just by being apart from each other. I objected because I didn't want to run into you again and I didn't think you fit the image.

Ep 19He: I have to go to Busan for a lecture, so I'll keep it short. To be honest, I can't believe it. It's not that I can't believe your feelings or that I can't believe your sincerity. I'm saying that you and I are so different; I will never be able to understand you until the day I die. I'm saying we'll never be able to fully understand each other. If the situation gets bad, you'll probably act as you did before. And so … I can't believe it. And when I'm with you, all the carefulness about what people see and might think and your status, I … may not be able to deal with it all. And my own disregard for things, my bad attitude and my difficult environment, you might also not be able to deal with them. But, let's be together. It's too hard for me to be apart from you anymore, so let's be together. I can't just love you recklessly as before and I can't promise that it will be forever and because of our differences, we may fight and I may depart. Actually, you may run away first, but let's be together. Because when you're in an accident, I have to be the first to know, because I don't want to hear your news through the TV, let's be together. [a man to a woman]
Greek's philosopher Heraclitus' quote 'you could not step twice into the same river' is an aphorism that states 'there is change'. Heraclitus, who said that all things are wet in motion, says that there are 2 reasons for change: one is that people can't stand each others differences, and the other is that even with all the arguing, ultimately, you want to be together.
Her response from his earlier declaration: So even if 2 people can't stand each other's differences, they ultimately want to be together?   
Wanting to appear pretty and receive love, she always [her grandmother] said that was vanity.
We'll cross that bridge when the time comes.
They say you should date your own kind.
Ultimately, there must be a mate for us we can't even dream of. It couldn't be any other way.
Want to make a bet? I still don't think the two of you will work out. I can't see you being happy … next to him. It will definitely become difficult. So, let's make a bet. If you end up happy, I'll … let you go. [a man to a woman]
The fairy tale love between actress Lee Ma Ri and Kim Chul Soo - People, faced with the harshness of reality, dream of fairy tales. Behind the once scandal-stained story of Lee Ma Ri's ghostwriter, hides a true love story. The chance meeting of Asia's top star and an ordinary lecturer true dramatically changed their lives. It's been said that perhaps the world can only truly be changed through the strength of true love.  
Everyone needs to find their own path.

Ep 20The end: As you live your life, you will occasionally meet someone who stirs you. It may be true that there exists one's soulmate in this world. The stirring when you first meet someone can eventually overcome numerous difficulties and allow two people to become one. It may just be the way your soulmate is determined.    
Love – the mysterious thing that has existed since the beginning of time. An utterly common, yet … utterly divine emotion. The story of a girl who becomes a star in the heavens and a boy who became the grass on earth finds its ending here … A star in the heavens and the grass on earth. These two, who were so far apart, finally discovered the world that exists between them.