duminică, 2 decembrie 2012

Secret garden quotes

Korean drama Secret garden 2010 quotes

In this world, there are a few things one is happier about it of one is ignorant of them.
Plan other things but not your feelings! Feelings aren't vending machines.
Santa doesn't give presents to children who cry.
For men, bluffing and being sincere is the same thing.
Popularity is more interesting when you’ve lost it.
All the world's nemeses are people that have been hurt.
Sometimes women can hate someone to death and still love him.
As a leader myself, I know authority isn't something easily given up.
What right do I have to take away something that is someone's everything?
A woman, you see, no matter how ordinary she is, can become a queen. And no matter what a precious woman she is, she can become a maid. Depending on how she's treated ... by the person she loves.
There isn't a leg that won't break after ten tries!
You were her everything, but Seul [Korean name] was just one part of your everything. 
I'm going to do anything and everything.
You heard the old saying that those with money are even stingier?
I might be okay with race, religion, skin color and sexuality, but I can't forgive looking cheap.
Shabbiness is your hobby and dirtiness is your specialty.
A woman's life is determined by the level of her bag.
Don't women like men who hold their hand rather than link arms?
An aristocratic face with an excessive grace and breathtaking sexiness.
You reap what you sow. You heard of that, right?
Then it's snow, followed by sleet, and finally rain.
Because if the chance is smaller, the prize is bigger.
A man who makes a woman cry is wretched.
True charisma is fear with a foundation of respect.
Don't try to control them. Earn their respect.
I know my situation is impossible, scientifically unbelievable and strange.
An enemy's enemy's is a comrade.
1 - embrace, 2 - hug, 3 - cuddle 
Don't you know that barley and people only grow stronger the more you step on them?
I'm sorry that I'm sorry about saying that I'm sorry.
We're not in the kind of warm relationship to have love spats like that.