duminică, 2 decembrie 2012

Scent of a woman quotes

Korean drama Scent of a woman 2011 quotes

Even if it's caviar, it doesn't mean everyone will like it. If it doesn't fit your taste you don't want to eat it.
A son with a character I'm most disgusted with.
In times like this, capability is more important than academics.
You can never die of embarrassment.
To a woman her skin is her life.
I'm not a person to accept a forced act of gratitude.
They say that a man needs a woman ...
Patients can die from trivial mistakes.
The world is filled with things that you would never have imagined happening. But things, that you thought would have never happened, when they happen, it is really cool. Surprisingly, these unexpected things happen. [Marilla, quote from 'Anne of Green Gables']
Love and sympathy are different.
My heart is filled with that person.
Illness is not a crime.
The mother-in-law dotes on son-in-law the most.
Until I die, I'll live earnestly.
I heard that having good shoes will bring you happiness.