duminică, 2 decembrie 2012

Rooftop prince quotes

Korean drama Rooftop prince 2012 quotes

Ep 5 – When looking at a flower, the only important thing is to admire the flower's beauty. I'm not curious about where the flower comes from.

Ep 7 – If you have no memories, you cannot be together, even in your heart. Even if all you have are memories, you can be together forever.
What is the Hanja character for the 'Ha' in your name? = lotus flower [Bu Yong]
Koreans register their names in both Hangul and Chinese character.
What dies despite living and lives despite dying? Live. People live but aren't really alive, right?
A person may lose his memories, but not his abilities. You don't lose the memory you hold in your body.

Ep 8 – Even if … a person loses the memories in their minds,

Ep 10 – How are you like? Are you beautiful from far away or beautiful from up close? // When you're looking around the scenery, do you like to see it from afar or from up close? / I think that scenery is best when I feel it's someplace where I want to be. Because of that, if you come up close because you liked it from afar and feel that it really is a nice place ... is truly what's nice. I think that it's the same with people.     

Ep 16 – If you start a fire in front of the foxhole … the fox will crawl out on its own.