duminică, 2 decembrie 2012

Queen In-Hyun's man quotes

Korean drama Queen In-Hyun's man 2012 quotes

Ep 1 – Becoming a star doesn't depend on experience alone.

Ep 3 – In this circle [show biz], the truth is not important. Letting people assume that it's real is what's important. 
The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all. What this saying means is, don't try to understand situations that can never be clarified. [Confucius]

Ep 6 – In Buddhism, there is no coincidence, only cause and effect.
Revenge doesn't necessarily mean murder. To kill without moving a finger, that is politics.

Ep 7 – Being with someone arrogant, I soon became arrogant as well.

Ep 8 – It feels like man proposes and God disposes. = man plans, but the success of it depends on God!
I was too busy to buy a wallet.

Ep 11 – It wasn't memories that disappeared. It was time that disappeared.
Looks like what was said by the ancestors was true. He who risks death shall live and he who seeks life shall die. Life after death, death after life. It's interconnected.
By calling me a player so often, you're making me me into one.
What do you call it when you steal a man's woman? What do men here say when they steal another man's woman? ... Just because there's a goalkeeper, doesn't mean you can't score a goal.

Ep 12 – Looks like I forgot to tell you something. That impulsiveness of yours is very attractive.
I didn't know it at first, but I think I really am a player. I admit it.  
A foreigner must have written this. / It's not a foreigner. Just someone with too much useless pride.   
A cat worrying about a mouse ...  
I realized that to take real responsibility is to stay always by your side.
Can a person who knows his destiny truly have a happy life?
For a man, there's nothing harder to endure than loneliness.

Ep 13 – A real rich man is someone who doesn't know exactly how much is wealth is.
Even though love can't put rice on the table, money can.
A talisman can become a curse as well as blessing, so one must use it cautiously.

Ep 14 – There are many words that I don't understand and words that I am hearing for the first time. But there's one thing that hasn't changed: I love you.

Ep 15 – She: Didn't you ask about the purpose of a tie? In the old days, usually the wife would tie this for her husband when he was leaving for work. So, he would stand like this and every morning his wife would tie it for him. As it was being tied, their eyes would meet and a feeling would grow. So, this [kissing him] is called the purpose of a tie ... You're not even surprised. Did you ask me on purpose even though you already knew this? / He: I feel that after listening to you, everything in the world seems to just exist for kissing. What kind of a lustful world is this? / She: Yes, it really does seem that way. I hadn't realized that. So, what, don't you like it? / He: How could I not like it? It's lustful and very good.