duminică, 2 decembrie 2012

Protect the boss quotes

Korean drama Protect the boss 2011 quotes

– Having 2 guys [that like you] is a hundred times better than having two guys hate you.

Ep 9 – Since ancient time, men have had to care for themselves using only their own wisdom and determination.

Ep 10 – There's no such thing as 'free' in this world.
They say luck gets bigger when you share.
There is always a moment for love and men. There's always timing for those.

Ep 13 – a pot calling a kettle black!

Ep 14 – No wonder they say a child is a thief.
You don't view me as a potential partner. Someone with whom you can share your secrets.

Ep 15 – k proverb: A man who is willing to die will live. A man who is longing to live will die.
If a parent's done something wrong, of course his child needs to scold him.
Horses like to communicate with humans. They like kinship too. Understand compliments quickly. They like when you look into their eyes.

Ep 16 – There is always one good thing in the midst of bad situation.

Ep 17 – Don't you know the saying 'If the end product is good, then it's good'?

Ep 18 – They say working people are like flies [which can be swatted unexpectedly].

Last episode - The wedding moment: SHE – What will our tomorrow look like? HE – For some, they will face an unexpected, surprising event. SHE – For some, they leave their destructive life and start anew. HE – For some, perhaps ... they look courageously toward a goal that can result in failure. SHE – Someone else lives the same life today that they lived yesterday. HE – For some, thankful that there is so much to learn n this world. SHE – For some other person, he looks back on his past and prepares for a new future.... Finally, sincerely ... they face a future they longed for. Determined to live a clean tomorrow different from yesterday. HE – And what kind of future will wait for us? SHE – I don't know.

If you want to be a good manager, you must love a good person ... In my opinion, I believe this. Although I’m not there yet, in order to be a good manager, will the person I love also love the work that I'm doing? Or you can also think about whether it would be embarrassing for them or not. But, there is one condition. Whether subjectively or objectively, you have to meet a good person. I was so lucky to have met a great person.