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New tales of gisaeng quotes

Korean drama New tales of gisaeng 2011 quotes

Men get their sense of accomplishment in life through work.
Out of sight and out of mind.
A person's heart can actually, from a sense of betrayal, lose all love and attachment.
Beauty is truly an asset.
From my experience love is ... something that needs to be seen to the end, and come to a full completion. If it ends, then it really is bliss and a fortune.
People, they tend to want two things in life. Love. And happiness.
Men have that unfussiness about them.
You said the moment the human beings are born; their life is already decided for them.
Does a reality exist where you do not misunderstand and are not misunderstood?
If a person knows how to talk, he should talk the way people could understand! ... [reply] If a person knows how to talk, he should understand it the first time!
As they say, if your greed is too great, you will invite calamity.
Life is not a fair passage for everyone. Everyone experiences hardship.
Human beings are foolish and cannot foresee the future.
There's the saying, isn't there? The punk who got beaten can sleep soundly.
But there's the saying that if you marry late, you will actually marry better.
If you can't avoid it, then enjoy it. Since it already happened, we can't do anything about it.
You know how the good comes with the bad.
They say that it's better to get your beating out of the way first.
A man's word is as good as a bond.
Isn't there a saying too? That the early bird catches the worm.
I can forgive ugliness, but I can't forgive laziness.
Is quantity more important than quality to you? To me, quality is more important than quantity.
It seems people are so fond of their first loves. But actually, first love isn't even love. It's just enamour. Like infatuation. But an infatuation isn't incurable. It cures.
And when you really find that person with whom you want to live with, in the same house, under the same blanket, then, the wise thing to do is to marry her.
The world is wide with lots of things to do. And the world is wide with women plentiful like sand particles.
Love isn't about just liking immensely right now.
But, even if you have parted and time has passed, the increasing longing and ardent feeling that what is love.
Being enamored of someone is like being soap bubbles. They may be big, but when they pop, it's the end ... After you break up, there's no lingering attachment either.
- A relief that doesn't grind your teeth.
Love is like soybean paste, as I've come to realize. The soybean block aptly ripening with sunshine, air and salt, thus, producing and deep flavor, right? Soybeans that ferment properly are so beneficial to our bodies... Love is the same. It does not impoverish the soul. Instead, in life, like sunshine in the spring, it soothes our soul every now and then, should I say?
When you feel beaten or lonely, you bring that love out every now and then and seek comfort from it.
Someone with a shallow soul do not recognize when a deep soul enters their life. 
They come to be pierced by it after they have left already.
Sentiments last a long time with women.
A wise man doesn't create dregs to begin with.
- You should've been in tune with your feelings from the start.
In life, nothing is more precious than a person. You can bring everything to life, but not a person. A million dollars still can't bring forth those things.
In order to achieve success, it is important to learn a skill, but it is much more important to learn the spirit. Behind each and every success, there is always the spiritual stake firmly wedged in it.
Most people desire for success eagerly, but they fall to see the value of the spiritual stake.
A gisaeng leads a sad life.
As a man, once you pull a knife out, you've got to do something with it.
I know they say one never knows about life.
I am pulled more towards women who are wise, then women who are beautiful.
A woman with a beautiful face, but without intelligence is like a flower without fragrance. And a flower without fragrance is the same as a fake flower. But the wild flowers that are simple in looks, but abundant in fragrance ... they tend to attract people continuously. And make people want to look closely at their face.
A person's heart isn't something you can buy with money.
They say that enemies meet where you can't avoid too.
If a man never strays his whole life, that is a total lie.
They say a woman needs her sleep to have good skin.
There is nothing for free in this world.
Love is eternity's food. Just like when you eat nutritious food, your body is healthy...You have to have loved in order for your soul to be solid and healthy.  
They said that travel is like vitamin for your soul.
Love is food for your soul?
There is a saying that a strong fate invites loneliness.
I realized that love is something you fall into. If you fall into water, someone can just pull you out. But there is no way to get out of love once you fall in.
That there is no tree that won’t fall over after being hacked a hundred times.
- He's prone to mistakes, he's spoiled.
Have you ever seen a tomato plant grow from a watermelon seed?
They say that a child will upset you once or twice.
If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win every battle.
They say not to meet your first love again.
They say you should hate the deed, not the person.
In this world, more than money or status, isn't family the most important thing? A parent to a child is a relative of first degree, while a spouse to a spouse is not related at all.
A person should make a judgment about a person's whole being. Whether the person is good-hearted, evil or lazy.  
Dating is blissful enough. Nothing good can come from complicating our family registry.
The way I see it, Da Mo ssi looks like he's ready to pull out his five organs and six bowels to be with you.
You won't get full on your first drink. [= Don't expect too much on your first attempt.]
They say when a child turns seven, they do such hateful things.
I haven't shared any blood with him [given children] and we are still strangers by law.
Gossips shift in three says.
Watching the news, even those who are shamed before everyone end up being forgotten.
A first love is just that, a first love.
You look at me like I'm a pig eating feed.