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Movies containing in the title the word EUROPE

Movies containing in the title the word

In Europe, Europe Day is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe.

An Englishman's home [Mad men of Europe] 1940 (based on a play by Guy du Maurier), UK, director: Albert de Courville

Chasing through Europe 1929, USA, director: David Butler & Alfred L. Werker

Dead Europe 2012 (based on a novel by Christos Tsiolkas), Australia, UK & Greece, director: Tony Krawitz

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo 2005, USA, director: Mike Bigelow

Europa / Zentropa 1991, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden & Switzerland, director & writer: Lars von Trier

Europa Europa [Hitlerjunge Salomon] 1990 (after on the autobiography by Solomon Perel), Germany, France & Poland, director: Agnieszka Holland

Europa Report 2013, USA, director: Sebastián Cordero

Europe '51 [Europa '51] 1952, Italy, director & co-writer: Roberto Rossellini

Europe here we come! 1971, Philippines, director: Ben Feleo

Europe is far away [Európa messze van] 1995, Hungary, director: Barna Kabay

European vacation 1985 , USA, director: Amy Heckerling

EuroTrip 2004, co-directors & co-writers: Jeff Schaffer, Alec Berg & David Mandel

It happened in Europe / Somewhere in Europe [Valahol Európában] 1948, Hungary, director & co-writer: Géza von Radványi (as Géza Radványi)

Madagascar 3: Europe's most wanted 2012 (animation), USA, co-directors: Eric Darnell (co-writer), Tom McGrath & Conrad Vernon

Made in Europe 2007, Turkey, director & writer: Inan Temelkuran

Miss Europe [Prix de beauté (Miss Europe)] 1930, France, director: Augusto Genina (as A. Genina)

One day in Europe 2005, Germany & Spain, director & writer: Hannes Stöhr

Q Planes / Clouds over Europe 1939, UK, co-directors: Tim Whelan & Arthur B. Woods

Soccer Dog: European Cup 2004 , USA, director: Sandy Tung

The abduction of Europe [Die Entführung Europas] 1988, West Germany, director & writer: Hartmut Jahn

The Europeans 1979 (after a novel by Henry James), UK, director: James Ivory

The funny adventures of a Bulgarian in Europe / Bai Ganyo on His Way to Europe [Bay Ganyo tragna po Evropa / Бай Ганьо тръгва из Европа] 1991 (after a novel by Aleko Konstantinov), Bulgaria, director: Ivan Nitchev [Ivan Nichev]

The gateway of Europe [Wrota Europy] 1999, Poland, director & writer: Jerzy Wójcik

The hostage of Europe [Jeniec Europy / L'otage de l'Europe] 1989 (after a novel by Juliusz Dankowski), director & co-writer: Jerzy Kawalerowicz

Who is killing the great chefs of Europe? 1978 (based on the same novel by Nan Lyons and Ivan Lyons), USA, Italy, France and West German, director: Ted Kotcheff

Young Europe 2012, Italy, director & writer: Matteo Vicino